Frosty Clementines

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

16 large clementines or small
17g/60z/scant 1 cup unrefined caster
sugar 105nl/7 tsp water
lemon juice 2
1. Slice the tops off 12 of the clementines. scrap out the insides. put hollow clementines aside in a refrigerator. Put sugar and water in a pan, heat on low. now boil and stir the lemon juice in. Beat mix with a churner, blender or and ice cream maker. Freeze the mix in a container for 4 hours. Take out Clementine shells and mix. Pack the shells with you frozen mix, now return to the freezer for 30 minuts befor serving.


Hester Casey said...

What a gorgeously simple dish. This is a great excuse for me to get the icecream maker out of the back of the cupboard.

Sandy - Everyday Southwest said...

Congratulations to you for making the top 9. You're proof that the fewer the ingredients, the more the flavor shines.

Megz said...

Thanks! This is a simple but tasty recipe. Shall i tag simple recipes as well "simple" since people like a good simple recipe? did I make it to the top 9 on food buzz. Ill go check :)

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